Snubbing Unit


  • Cost effective: It has wide applications and can achieve operations such as running tube string, milling and drilling plugs under pressure, and cooperating with fracturing units for stimulation operations in high pressure oil/gas wells;

  • Safe: Imported key parts of world-renowned brands, and safety protection systems such as audible and visual alarms, pressure detection and slip interlock;

  • Efficient: Modular design ensures convenient installation and transportation; Equipped with hydraulic telescoping mast, balancing winch and telescoping power tong arm, etc.;

  • Complete: Integrated solutions including BOP, wellhead manifold and pumping units are available.


Model 150K (DYJ65) 170K (DYJ75) 225K (DYJ100) 340K (DYJ150)
Lifting Capacity 142K lb
(630 KN)
170K lb
(750 KN)
225K lb 
(1,000 KN)
340K lb
(1,500 KN)
Snubbing Capacity

85K lb

(375 KN)

94K lb

(420 KN)

120K lb

(530 KN)

185K lb

(840 KN)

Stroke 11.5 ft (3.5 m)
Cylinder Qty. 2 4
BOP Rated Pressure 5,000 psi (34.5 MPa)/10,000 psi (69 MPa)
Bore Size   7 1/16” (179 mm) 11” (279 mm)
Pipe Range


 (33.4 mm~139.7mm)


(33.4 mm~193.7mm)

Gin Pole Height 68 ft (20.8 m) 75.5 ft (23m)
Rotary Torque 3,000 lbf-ft (4,000 Nm)


6,000 lbf-ft (8,100 Nm)


11,000 lbf-ft (15,000 Nm)