VIP Application Management

Over many years’ attentive efforts, Jereh’s application consultants know what concerns customers most. From repair and refurbishment of equipment to operation skills improvement of operators, Jereh always provides VIP application management services for every customer with genuine enthusiasm.


Repair & Refurbishment

It is often said that manufacturing is much more difficult than repairing. However, you will come with different opinions if you are familiar with oilfield. In case of sudden breakdown of equipment on site, what do customers want most? Surely, it is the quick repair and refurbishment to make the equipment operate again rather than scrapping it and getting a new one. Jereh helps solve the urgent needs of customers and maximize the value through deeply understanding the actual requirements of customers.

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Guard of Safe Operation

The oilfield development belongs to high-risk job. Improper operation may damage parts even cause unpredictable accidents. Therefore, it is very important to guarantee the safety of operators and equipment on site. “Safety Always First” is not only the commitment from Jereh but also the reflection of our core value “Focus on Customer Needs”. In recent years, we have been upgrading series of simulation training system and established industry training center. Theoretical knowledge combining with practical training enables trainees to quickly master equipment operation skills.

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