Unconventional Oil & Gas

Despite of the low oil price in recent years, the development of unconventional oil & gas especially the shale gas is flourishing cross the world. More than 30 countries throughout Europe and Asia have been engaged in exploitation and development of shale gas. In five to ten years, the sustainable development of unconventional oil & gas will come true though technology breakthrough and cost cut.


Jereh Leads Shale Gas Development in China

The shale gas, with rich recoverable reserves, has become the new emphasis in unconventional oil and gas development. In China, shale gas is abundant at rugged mountain and hilly areas such as Shaanxi and Sichuan provinces which challenge the exploitation. In 2013, Jereh took the lead in putting forward the “Small Well Site, Great Frac Job”, a life-cycle management solution for shale gas fracturing which is successfully applied in northwest and southwest China.

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Supercritical CO2 Fracturing Leads Shale Gas Development

Jereh supercritical CO2 frac spread, designed mainly for coalbed methane reservoir, water-sensitive formations, thick crude oil reservoir and low pressure reservoir, has proven its capacity to boost depleted high condensate oil wells and increase single well production.

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Jereh “Super Warrior” Powering the Development of Shale Gas

With the further development of shale gas and tight gas, the limits of conventional coiled tubing unit in large displacement frac jobs due to small tubing diameter were gradually brought into light. However, the large diameter CT frac technology improves the efficiency of staged fracturing greatly and enables refined fracturing at the same time. The large scale development of shale gas in China is not a dream far away, and please let Jereh “Super Warrior”, the large diameter coiled tubing unit, help you touch your dreams.

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