Smart Oilfield

In Jereh’s point of view, the smart oilfield evolves from the digital oilfield, which is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. Core of the digital oilfield is digitization and intelligentization which focus more on data collection. However, the smart oilfield inheriting digital oilfield and integrating human intelligence emphasizes the combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence and focuses more on data management and development to convert data to knowledge so as to offer assistance and guidance to oilfield production strategy.


Remote Command & Decision Making System Enables Operations in Office

In 2008, IBM firstly proposed the idea of “Smarter Planet”. As the pioneer of the global oilfield sophisticated technologies, Jereh has been working on turning “Smart Oilfield” to be practical. At present, full management of oil & gas field is challenged by such problems as remote location, harsh ambient environment and decentralized distribution. However, real-time data sharing and remote decision making system bring solutions for the managers. 

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Automated Drilling & Workover Pipe Handling System

As we know, drilling and workover rank the most dangerous operations in oilfield. Jereh based on the experience and investigation successfully develops the drilling & workover pipe handling system which effectively reduces labor intensity, improves efficiency, lowers risks and thus allows operations to be carried out safely and conveniently.   

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Intelligent Coiled Tubing Unit Makes Unmanned Operation Possible

As a high-end equipment manufacturer, Jereh has been exploring the future of oilfield. Jereh believes the unmanned well site is not far away. Considering the safety and comfort for operators, various well conditions and control accuracy, Jereh successfully develops the world’s first super intelligent coiled tubing unit. 

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