Challenges of Extreme Conditions

Speaking of limitation, the first reaction of people is the limits of human body. However, in oil & gas industry, how is the limit of oilfield equipment? Jereh equipment enables to work stably at -47℃ in Siberia and shelter operators from scorching sun in tropical rainforest or mighty desert. Jereh has always been working on providing clients the fit-for-purpose solutions for the onshore and offshore applications.


Opening a New Era of Offshore Oil/ Gas Equipment

The development of offshore oil/gas resources, the key area of world oil/gas exploitation, promotes the rapid development of offshore equipment industry. Jereh, China’s largest petroleum equipment manufacturer, has been focusing on the offshore environment features and the customers’ challenges, and providing the most competitive offshore equipment solutions for each customer with continuous innovation.

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Jereh Equipment Conquering Challenges of Extreme Temperatures

In the arctic regions such as Siberia of Russia, there is a large reserve of high-viscosity oil. However, the high viscosity and the temperature as low as -40℃ brings up higher requirements to the equipment. Moreover, the high temperature up to +50℃ in the tropical regions also challenges the performance of the equipment. To help the customers succeed in the extreme conditions, Jereh engineers go to the fields for deep site investigation to ensure the excellent performance of the equipment.

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