Heat Recovery Nitrogen Pumper


  • Wide displacement and pressure ranges, stable nitrogen discharge temperature and nitrogen purity above 99.99%, suitable for different job conditions;

  • Recover the heat from the engine jacket water, hydraulic system and lubrication system to vaporize the LN2, delivering high fuel efficiency, low operating cost and energy saving;

  • Visual interface of pumping control system delivers clear manifold operating process and easy operation;

  • Mechanical and electronic protection systems equipped on the high pressure end ensure the operator safety and reliable equipment operation;

  • LN2 filter designed on the pipeline will filtrate the impurities, extending the service life of plunger pump cold end.


Model 90K 180K 360K
Carrier Truck / Trailer / Skid
Engine CAT C9 DDC S60 / CAT C15 MTU 12V2000
LN2 Pump Triplex Plunger Pump Triplex Plunger Pump Triplex Plunger Pump
Vaporizer 90K Heat-recovery Vaporizer 180K Heat-recovery Vaporizer 360K Heat-recovery Vaporizer
LN2 Tank 2,000 gal (7.5 m3) / 3,000 gal (11 m3) 2,000 gal (7.5 m3) / 3,000 gal (11 m3) 2,000 gal (7.5 m3)
Max. Working Pressure 15,000 psi (103.5 MPa) 10,000 psi (69 MPa) 15,000 psi (103.5 MPa)
Max. Flowrate 90K SCFH (2,549 m3/h) 180K SCFH (5,097 m3/h) 360K SCFH (10,194 m3/h)
Discharge Temperature 15~21 ℃ (59~70℉)
Optional Control Cabin / LN2 Tank