Hydration Sand Blender COMBO


  • Multifunction: sand blending and hydration function;

  • High automation: Jereh self-developed full automatic control system achieves the automatic feeding of water, powder and sand;

  • Two functions integrated on one chassis saves the equipment cost and transportation cost.


Model HSQ04
Carrier Truck / Trailer / Skid
Truck Chassis BENZ/ BEIBEN
Engine DDC S60/CAT
Suction Centrifugal Pump 4×3
Discharge Centrifugal Pump 4×3
Max. Discharge Flowrate 12.5 bpm(2 m³/min)
Chemical Additive Transfer Pump Qty. 2 or more
Mixing Tank 25 bbl (4m³), 2 agitators
Dry Powder Tank 6 bbl (1 m³), with electronic scale
Control Mode Auto / Manual