Fracturing & Sand Blender COMBO


  • High integration: saving 1/2 of the footprint, manpower and procurement cost;

  • Save more: reasonable power matching realizes the small displacement job. Just need to start one engine saving the fuel cost.

  • More reliable: the closed-type displacement tank avoids the acid splashing. Independent acidizing and sand blending manifolds extend the manifold service life.

  • More accurate: rematch the sand conveying capacity of the auger to accurately control the sand for small sand ratio operation.


Model YLC100-600
Carrier Truck / Trailer / Skid
Engine DDC S60/ CAT
Transmission ALLISON 4700 OFS
Gearbox Double Gears
Plunger Pump JR 600S
Fluid Supply Pump 4×3
Boosting Pump 6×5
Sand Blender Suction & Discharge Pump 4×3
Auger 6”
Blending Tank 3.15 bbl (0.5 m³)
Displacement Tank 2×12.5 bbl (2×2 m³)