• TMR Ethernet framework collects the operation data of the fracturing unit, sand blender, sand conveyor, hydration unit, nitrogen pumping unit and coiled tubing unit and the sensor signal directly;

  • Data acquisition software distributes the acquisition channel flexibly, satisfying the fracturing, cementing and coiled tubing operation. Real-time communication with third party analysis software can monitor the job conditions remotely;

  • Wireless portable data acquisition box and hand-held terminal are all accessible for operators to know the on-site job conditions;

  • Through the remote data transmission system, it can realize the remote monitoring and fault diagnosis between the well site and the base.


Model 08-1 Data Van 16-2 Data Van 24-2 Data Van
Carrier Truck / Trailer / Skid
Truck Chassis BENZ 2032, 3332, KENWORTH, MAN
Qty. of Fracturing Unit Controlled 8 16 24 (48)
Qty. of Sand Blender Monitored 1 2 2
Generator 110/220V AC, 60/50Hz,16KW, 20KW (Diesel Generator Set), 15kW (Hydraulic Generator Set), PTO Generator
Data Acquisition System 2 sets, one for backup
Fracturing Unit Control Terminal 1 HMI /1 IPC 2 IPCs
Sand Blender Control Terminal 1 HMI /1 IPC 1 IPC
Intercom System 12 sets
Wellsite Monitoring System 2 Cameras 2 Cameras 3 Cameras
Satellite Communication System Optional
Portable Data Acquisition System Optional