Yard Spooler


  • Levelwind override system ensures tubing to be spooled evenly; 

  • Telescopic structure allows larger reels to be carried and also reduces transportation cost; 

  • Changeable reel pivot permits both wooden reels and steel reels to be carried; 

  • Controls integrated on a remote console to guarantee a safe distance during operation. 


Model DGQ180-102 LGGTQ150-98-105
Max. Reel Outside Flange Diameter 180″ 150"
Max. Reel Outside Flange to Flange Width 102″ 120″
Min. Reel Outside Flange to Flange Width 58″ 70"
Max. Load Capacity 40 t 50 t
Dimensions (without control console ) 4,500×4,500×4,000 mm 7,000×2,500×2,770 mm
Max. Transportation Dimensions(without reel) 4,500×2,600×3,300 mm (without guard)
4,560×2,670×3,300 mm (with guard)
7,000×2,500×2,770 mm(without guard)
7,100×2,580×2,800 mm(with guard)
Weight (without reel) 5,000 kg 10,000 kg