Tubing Analysis System


Jereh tubing analysis system (JTAS) is self-developed by Jereh for coiled tubing simulation analysis and engineering designs which can accurately analyze and predict the force imposed on tubing, fatigue life consumption and pressure gradient during in-hole and out-hole operation and thus helps engineers with job design and risk assessment.            


  • Mature theoretic model for analysis of string dynamics, fluid mechanics and fatigue based on field data ensures accurate calculation; 

  • Software input, output and operation are in table format for convenient comparisons between different working conditions; 

  • Accurate simulation and analysis helps with job design and improves efficiency and safety; 

  • Tubing fatigue life tracking and prediction realizes life-cycle management and maximizes the benefits; 

  • Real time analysis and monitoring of tubing strength offers guidance for jobs to prevent emergencies.

CTlife –CT Fatigue Life Prediction Module

  • Track and predict the fatigue life consumption of CT during operations;

  • Simulate & analyze the sensitive parameters such as tubing size, materials, pressure, weld and erosions;

  • Compatible with multi-format job data (mdb, csv, Orion);

  • Support real-time and historical job analysis;

  • Real-time monitoring of tubing strength.

CTproject – CT Engineering Simulation Module

  • Determine the forces & stresses along the length of the CT;

  • Calculate how far CT can be pushed in a horizontal well;

  • Determine the safe working limits for a string within the well;

  • Calculate the pressure drop and velocity of fluids in tubing & wellbore; 

  • Analyze the hydraulics sensitive parameters & calculate the particles settling velocity; 

  • Applicable to liquids, gases, foams and multi-phase fluids.